In the United States, a car owner has been sued following the death of a mechanic who changed the oil.

In the US state of Michigan, a car owner has been sued for the death of a mechanic who was servicing his car. Reported by Automotive News.

The incident occurred in the spring of 2020. A man took his Jeep Wrangler to a car dealership for an oil change. The car was to be handled by two mechanics. One of them, Daniel Thompson, got behind the wheel, started the car, and released the clutch pedal. As a result, the car went ahead and crushed another workshop worker, Jeffrey Hawkins (pictured). It later emerged that Thompson did not have a driver’s license and did not know how the manual transmission in a Jeep worked.

The deceased’s family sued the car owner, as under Michigan law, if a person died under the wheels of a car, it was the owner who was found guilty. Millions of dollars can be prosecuted and fined. The amount of the claim is 15 million dollars.

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Source: Gazeta


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