Record drop in car sales in Ukraine

In April, sales of new cars in the Ukrainian market fell by 87%. Dealers managed to sell 1,242 cars, according to Autoconsulting.

According to the 4-month results of 2022, Ukrainian car dealers sold 12,905 new cars, which is 58.4% less than in the same period last year. The market leader is the Renault brand, whose cars are chosen by 16% of buyers. In second place was Toyota (12.7%), while Volkswagen (8%) was third in April.

In April, sales of exotic Chinese brands held by unofficial dealers increased slightly. In addition, electric vehicles were also in special demand.

Previously reportedHe said that automobile production in Ukraine has stopped. If previously factories collected about 1,000 vehicles per month, now businesses are not working or are redesigned for another type of activity.

Source: Gazeta


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