Authorities have told what will happen to petrol prices in Russia

In the face of sanctions pressure on Russia, the oil industry needs support from the state, and the government is working on such measures, TASS reported in the words of Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.

When calculating taxes for oil workers, several solutions are considered, as well as the transfer of fines for the modernization of refineries and the adjustment of the damping mechanism.

The deputy prime minister noted that since the beginning of the year, gasoline and diesel prices in the country have not changed. The government will keep them at the inflation level in a normal situation, when Russian export goods are sold.

If a fuel surplus situation arises, which is rather unnatural for the domestic market, the authorities will, among other things, “make non-trivial decisions about the loading of oil refineries”. What they are, Novak has not explained.

The Deputy Prime Minister recalled that the collective West will face an even greater rise in energy prices. This was caused by the incompetent policies of European decision-makers and their lack of strategic planning. He recalled that Russia had nothing to do with this situation and in no way contributed to the reduction of energy supplies.

Source: Z R


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