Evolute briefed on i-Sky migration for Russia 19:24

Motorinvest company, which produces electric vehicles under the brand Evolute in the Lipetsk region, disclosure Information about the i-Sky electric crossover, which is scheduled to be introduced to the Russian market in 2023.

In particular, it was announced that the car will receive an electric motor with 204 horsepower. and front wheel drive. The capacity of the traction battery is 85.9 kWh, the declared range exceeds 500 km. The introduction of the crossover took place at the sailing festival on the Kola Peninsula. Assembly of the new model is expected to begin in Russia in the near future. The prices and equipment of the vehicle have not been announced yet.

Previously, it was known for the Russian market in the role of Evolute i-Sky. to talk A localized version of the Chinese electric crossover Dongfeng Forthing Thunder, which debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show in the fall of 2022. On the eve of the premiere, the car perceived in Russia for winter trials.

Source: Gazeta


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