These habits betray an inexperienced driver

The behavior of newcomers is largely stereotyped. Some typical examples are given expert “Behind the wheel” Mikhail Kolodochkin.

To land

Wrong, often “squeezed” position behind the wheel – holding on tightly to the wheel. If a person sits correctly, the palms on the steering wheel are free in the position “fifteen minutes to three”; the bend of the arms at the elbows forms an almost right angle; the back is set almost vertically and does not wobble. With the right fit, the driver is not only comfortable – he is less tired behind the wheel, this also benefits road safety.

Turning into the wrong lane

In a continuous stream of cars, it can be difficult to rebuild it. Therefore, at first you do not need to drive through huge intersections with a complex traffic organization or along unfamiliar routes. The expert advises to hone skills in “hometowns” with the usual traffic lights and intersections.

Often squeaks out of fear

And traffic rules allow the use of an audible signal in certain situations: to warn other motorists of the intention to overtake outside built-up areas and when it is necessary to avoid an accident. Therefore, you should not buzz often – pull yourself together.

And this is not all the bad habits of newcomers behind the wheel, more about this is described in our material.

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