The registration database of the traffic police failed

The downtime of the registration and inspection offices of the traffic police, which is planned to be held on March 27, has been explained with technical studies. The corresponding notice was broadcast on the official Telegram channel of the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate.

“Citizens who make an appointment on the specified day will be provided with the opportunity to apply to public services both electronically and on a first come, first served basis on the following business days,” the ministry said in a statement.

However, the real reason for the unexpected “leave” may lie in the global failure of the police base. The day before, car owners complained in social networks that they could not register with MREO due to problems in the operation of the base.

“To register a car with the traffic police, you need to pass a technical inspection. The base has been lying for days,

Moscow resident Andrey Martys said on Facebook (the company that owns Meta is considered an extremist organisation).

Recall that for cars older than four years, the technical inspection procedure is still valid before passing the registration procedure in the traffic police.

The information that the UAIS TO database works intermittently was confirmed to by two firms specializing in the registration of cars of cars at Moscow MREOs.

“Yes, the inspection base was lying yesterday. Now it seems to be working,” one of the companies tells

That the UAIS TO works intermittently is also said in the whitepaper points, but they did not refuse to sign up for the procedure itself in the coming days, warning of the instability of the system.

“We can write it for tomorrow, but I can’t predict whether it will work.

I have been working since morning,” said, an employee of one of the points located south of Moscow.

According to the federal law “On Technical Inspection of Vehicles”, the maintenance of the registration of inspection operators is entrusted to the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RSA), but stated that the UAIS TO base itself is there. under the jurisdiction of the traffic police. contacted the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with questions about what causes problems with registration of cars and the need for technical work; The editors did not receive a response at the time of publication.

In one of the registration departments of the traffic police in Moscow, the correspondent was assured that it was possible to register a car, offering to register it through the State Services.

However, the portal only indicated vacancies for registration for the next week.

The official phones of most of the Moscow MREOs listed on the official website did not answer or were turned off.

Large-scale database failures causing suspension of vehicle registrations and licenses, is happeningregularly. So, in December 2021, a civil service accident caused a failure in the work of departmental information sources: the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the servers with data strings of the State traffic inspectorate were flooded with water.

Database management for the state traffic inspectorate is a side activity, according to experts, it would be logical to delegate such work to the relevant departments.

“If the state cannot properly manage the traffic inspectorate information system, there is no need to do this.

Faults occur constantly and on all fronts, and the more complex the system, the more faults it creates.

– Says the vice-president of the National Automobile Association “” Anton Shaparin. “People waste time and money on this.”

According to Shaparin, it would be logical to transfer the work of database management from the traffic police to the Ministry of Digital Development, which was created specifically for the development of digital technologies. He suggests that the function of registering vehicles can also be assigned to MFC.

“Now there has been a force majeure and perhaps it will continue,” Ivan Begtin, director of ANO Information Culture, said in an interview with “This is a question under the responsibility of the leaders in the department who are directly responsible for digital transformation.”

This Sunday, the metropolitan traffic police will suspend the license of vehicles and the issuance of licenses due to technical work. This will be the second stop for the department’s enrollment work this week, before vehicle owners complain about problems operating the base. Experts say that the administration of such a complex database is a side function for the traffic police, which the traffic inspectorate cannot cope with.

Source: Gazeta


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