The Chinese analogue of the Nissan X-Trail enters the Russian market

In Russia, the S6 compact crossover is planned to be sold under the JAC brand (not the Sehol QX, as in China), told in the press service of the Chinese automaker. Positioning under the JAC brand was chosen because the name was already known to Russian customers and the introduction of the Sehol brand required additional time and investment. This car will be the third crossover in the model range of the Chinese auto company in Russia.

The design of the model was developed at the JAC scientific and technical center in Turin.

In China, the JAC S6 is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo engine producing 184 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. As with other JAC models, the engine was clearly reduced to 149 hp in order to reduce the vehicle tax rate in the Russian market.

The engine is combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed “robot” with two “wet” clutches. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is claimed by the manufacturer in 9.8 seconds. There is no all-wheel drive in the S6, the traction is transmitted to the front wheels.

In terms of dimensions, the Chinese crossover (4605, 1890, 1700 mm) is comparable to the previous generation Japanese Nissan X-Trail SUV. The wheelbase is 2720 mm, and the ground clearance is 185 mm. The luggage compartment has a volume of 670 liters, and with the rear seats folded – 1080 liters.

The digital instrument cluster and the multimedia system display are combined in a large 12.3-inch screen. The system allows you to display the navigation in the instrument cluster.

Already in the basic configuration on the Chinese market, cruise control and automatic parking function, as well as LED daytime running lights and rear parking sensors are presented. Full LED optics, climate control, automatic parking system, panoramic sunroof, all-round vision system, adaptive cruise control, drive mode selection, steering wheel fins, heated front seats and other options are available at an additional cost.

JAC’s Russian office said that the work for the certification of the new model has begun. Two cars have already been tested in January of this year at the Dmitrov test site of the NAMI Automobile Institute. said Telegraph channel “Russian car”.

Originally called the Chinese sub-brand Sol, it was created by the JAC group in collaboration with the Volkswagen Group in 2018 to develop electric cars and a green transportation ecosystem. Later, the partners parted ways and JAC renamed the Sol brand to Sehol. So initially the JAC cargo brand is gradually promoting its cars under a new brand.

In China, the S6 model is offered in 12 trim levels to choose from, with prices ranging from 102,000 to 197,000 yuan (1.5-3 million rubles).

In the brand’s model range, the novelty will lie between the affordable compact crossover S3 and the expensive S7. In March, JAC, like some other brands, removed the price lists from its official website in Russia.

Representatives of the company are not yet able to give exact dates for the entry of the JAC S6 to the Russian market.

“Now there is a very difficult situation with logistics in Russia. There are deliveries, but adjusted for difficulties. “The Russian office is waiting for the situation to stabilize, so serious decisions have been postponed,” he said.

According to Avtostat Info, in 2021 JAC dealers in Russia sold about 1.8 thousand cars, which is almost three times more than a year ago.

lots of future

Total revenue from the sale of Chinese cars in Russia in the first two months of 2022 increased by 112% compared to the same period last year, according to, the Russian Automotive Market Research marketing agency. In addition, Chinese auto brands recorded the largest increase in sales on a per-unit basis –

increased by 74% compared to January-February last year.

Chinese companies are expanding as many Western automakers suspend their businesses in Russia, said auto expert Igor Morzharetto. He says that in today’s realities, buying a new Chinese car is an interesting option.

“Our market is getting poorer by model. In this case, all Chinese automakers, who will come to us at more or less adequate prices, will have serious chances, including JAC, ”Morzharetto said in an interview with

Independent automotive industry consultant Sergey Burgazliev is confident that the new Chinese model, equipped with modern technologies, will be successful in the Russian market. Provided that the price of such a car is about 2 million rubles, the specialist makes a reservation.

“The success of Haval, Chery and Geely shows that attitudes towards Chinese crossover models are changing.

If the product is at the level of the competitors, there is no doubt that the market will accept the new model,” he said.

Burgazliev is confident that the growth in sales of Chinese cars in Russia will continue. If Western auto companies continue their sales in the Russian market, car prices will be much higher than before. The source added that buyers of new cars should beware of their more affordable Chinese counterparts, as Chinese manufacturers have more or less solved the problem with quality and distribution. has learned that Sehol, a sub-brand of the Chinese auto company JAC, plans to bring its cars to the Russian market. The first will be the S6 compact crossover. Market experts are confident that thanks to its availability and good equipment, it has every chance of gaining popularity among Russians.

Source: Gazeta


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