In Russia, they proposed to give discounts on domestic cars

Business in Russia has proposed options for maintaining discounts on the purchase of domestic cars, they write “News”.

We are talking about the state program for its disposal, which was in force in 2010-2018. Under this program, citizens will be able to recycle an old car and get a discount when buying a new car.

The publication reports that the Association NSRO “” has sent a corresponding proposal to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. According to the director of the organization Viktor Kovshevny, when delivering an old car from 50 thousand rubles, it is necessary to increase the discount on a new car. Up to 150 thousand rubles. He also noted the need to create a register of drivers in the State Service, the possibility of recycling in various ways: through a car dealer, a private recycling company, specialized associations.

In addition, Kovshevny noted that companies that recycle vehicles must have a license to handle hazardous waste and issue a disposal certificate. Its absence will make it difficult to deregister a car.

“The Association considers that it is possible to consider additional penalties for the forgery of such a certificate, deliberately providing false information, as well as for providing such a document without a license for the right to treat hazardous waste,” he said.

As stated in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the appeal of the association has not yet reached the ministry.

Previously became knownHe stated that the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia have agreed on the amount and conditions of the discount to be given to electric vehicle buyers.

Source: Gazeta


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