Dealers report a double increase in motor vehicle prices in Russia

The cost of new motorcycles in Russia doubled in February-March. Andrey Olkhovsky, CEO of the Avtodom group of companies (official dealer and distributor of motorcycle brands BMW Motorrad, Ducati and KTM) told about this. The interlocutor noted that a number of companies have suspended the shipment of motor vehicles to official Russian partners, and motor equipment, mainly from the USA, the European Union and Japan, is not supplied to Russia.

“The final price of motorcycles has increased by 80-100% since the end of February. It could happen with the resumption of deliveries of models more expensive than 5,000 euros, as well as the resumption of deliveries of cars with a similar cost, Andrei Olkhovsky told

Previously, exports of bicycles to Russia were suspended by Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki. Honda’s Russian representative office informed that the company does not plan to leave Russia, but acknowledges problems with supply.

“Due to supply chain disruptions that emerged today, there may be delays in the delivery of products and replacement parts, including warranty parts,” Honda said in a press release.

For more information on the current situation in the motorcycle market, material “”

Source: Gazeta


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