The expert told what will happen to the Russian car market in the near future

The situation in the car market is now developing so unpredictably that even people close to Russian business disagree about the near future. To better understand what’s in store for car buyers, Behind the Wheel looks at several assumptions.

Someone believes that the deficit and rising prices have been going on for a long time now, while someone is holding a completely optimistic view.

Expert opinion

Nikita Chernovcommercial director of the SberAutosubscription service:

The sum of the facts indicates that the market expects a repeat of the situation in 2015: prices will fall and the panic will force motorists to make hasty purchases. We believe that automakers and major importers will return to the Russian market to avoid losing valuable assets.

Moreover, recent events are creating an environment for strengthening the positions of the manufacturers who have decided to remain in Russia.

Subscription is a profitable opportunity for people who are not ready to take out large loans for a long time. In addition, with a subscription for just a few days, you can get a car of the models that may soon become scarce.

Recently we conducted a survey on the Za Rulem website, under the current circumstances, will our readers rush to buy or change cars? 77% replied that there is no point in rushing now, and they took a wait and see approach.

The expert told what will happen to the Russian car market in the near future

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