Selfish Journey

Choosing a car for a long journey may seem strange. Such compact crossovers are recently called urban. Let’s leave this term on the conscience of the elite marketers who invented it. Looking ahead I say that Vitara turned out to be an excellent “trucker”. With some limitations of course. But I’ll tell you more about this later.

To describe exterior and interior Vitara I will not. The car has been sold for a long time and is known by many. I prefer to talk about the driving performance and functionality of the car. The itinerary made it possible to evaluate the crossover on all types of roads. From Moscow to Yaroslavl, except for a few stretches, a completely modern highway: several lanes in one direction, excellent coverage. Further to Vologda the coverage is also good, but the road is narrow, busy and goes through settlements. You have to be prepared for frequent overtaking. Otherwise you will have to cut for a long time after some slow driving… Further beyond Vologda there is an excellent highway and a very modest stream. Local roads are broken in places and covered with ice. And free in the outback, many miles of densely rolled snow await you. And almost empty: on a long distance between rare villages you will not come across a single car. All offroad tasks before Suzuki was not set. This requires completely different cars. In the Vologda region, you can easily drown a tractor, and not just a compact crossover.

With all this variety on the roads, seasoned with snow or rain, the car handled more than confidently. Very satisfied with the engine on the highway. The 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine gives the car enviable dynamics and is also distinguished by confident traction over a wide rev range. Overtaking quickly is no problem: the engine accelerates the car quickly. He is assisted by a hydromechanical machine. (a rarity in the CVT era), that shifts quickly and almost imperceptibly. Motor coordination and Japanese machine gun aisin deserves special praise. They seem made for each other.

The suspension, which seems quite comfortable on a flat road, shows its character on broken roads. For particularly noticeable potholes, slow down. You can ignore minor irregularities and pay for them with noticeable shaking.

Pleasantly surprised by the driver’s workplace. The “Japanese” are sometimes not very friendly to grown-ups, and from childhood Vitara no one expected miracles. And she delivered a surprise: a closed, well-shaped seat with a decent range of adjustments, a handlebar with a lot of grip, which we managed to put in a comfortable position, and in general it is quite roomy in the front. After traveling five thousand kilometers “in one face”, I did not feel much fatigue. However, there is almost no space in the back. But remember, we traveled together.

Here is the soundproofing sends sounds into the cabin. This is especially noticeable during intense acceleration and when driving on uneven roads. However, if you drive calmly, the noise is not a nuisance – everything is within the normal range for its class.

Selfish Journey

Vitara – four-wheel drive car. Many owners and even some manufacturers proudly call their crossovers SUVs. To finally dispel these illusions, we conducted an experiment and drove to an ugly, but well-filled, snowy country road. And they soon became convinced that the corresponding “geometry” should also be attached to the four-wheel drive. Relatively modest ground clearance, long front overhang and short-travel suspension not the arsenal with which to storm the orbit of the UAZ.

But on more or less flat, but very smooth local snow trailspatented four-wheel drive system All Grip Select showed her best In mode Snowput on good winter tires, Vitara turns confidently. It seems to provoke the driver to add more or slip through the next bunch. I had to control myself. An oncoming vehicle is rare here, but when it does appear, it comes at the most inopportune moment.

Finally, let’s look in the trunk and see our two suitcases occupied it almost completely. The loading capacity here is modest. And the machine is quite small…

Let’s summarize. Suzuki Vitara – a great traveler. The car is fast, comfortable and also quite economical. She feels equally confident on roads of varying quality – from motorways to flat country roads. But it is better to travel alone or together. Placing children in the back, maybe it will work. And where do you leave your luggage? For a large family you need a bigger car. But will there be such a cool bike? And a fast machine?

The frost that wasn’t

Exactly a year ago we were in the same area. And there was severe frost! The north is still, although only 700 km from the capital. The thermometer dropped below 40 degrees in the morning. Starting a frozen engine turned into a thrilling quest. It immediately became clear who was watching the car. Those whose batteries were not in the best condition were not going anywhere…

Fearing to face another real Russian winter, I prepared thoroughly this time. And decided to look at the possibilities at the same time EFB– battery. under the hood Vitara the battery came to the north Exit EFB. This is a representative of the second generation of such batteries, as indicated by the marking Carbon boost 2.0

Unfortunately the frost test did not work. The weather provided another surprise and the temperature overboard hovered around zero degrees. Therefore, we will simply tell you what kind of battery it is and why, in anticipation of cold weather, we decided to use it.

Selfish Journey

Let’s start deciphering the abbreviations. EFB Strengthens flooded Battery – improved flooded battery. It is used on cars with a start-stop system as well as on regular cars. Biggest difference EFB-batteries Exide from conventional batteries – the use of a special additive in the active mass, special geometry and alloy of the current-conducting grid and special separators, in which each battery plate is enclosed.

Carbon Boost 2.0 is Exide’s patented technology, which includes an optimized plate surface structure and a special carbon additive in the material from which the negative plates are made.

The main task of batteries: Exide EFB Carbon Boost 2.0 – provides fast charge acceptance and resistance to charge-discharge microcycles. For cars with “start Stop”equipped with a recovery system, this is a “mandatory program”. In addition, EFB batteries are not afraid of deep discharges, have an extensive resource and have a high energy efficiency.

The combination of high performance makes these batteries optimal for use in conventional vehicles. Who would refuse the extended life and high cranking currents that the battery can sustain for a long time.

We wanted to check the last feature in real-life conditions. But the heavenly office had plans of its own. Let’s wait until next winter. And when the weather is hot, you should check the source EFB— batteries.

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