The head of Citroen told when the boom in crossovers will end

The demise of the SUV is inevitable in the near future, says Citroën CEO Vincent Kobe.

In recent years, SUVs accounted for 50% of all new car sales, but with the mass introduction of electric vehicles, the trend will change.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

For electric SUVs and crossovers to run at all, their batteries need to increase in size and weight – and this can’t be done indefinitely.

In the 70s, a car weighed about 700 kg, now the average weight is 1300 kg, well, tomorrow it cannot weigh more than 2 tons? There can be no question of any environmental friendliness.

The world will soon start limiting the weight and size of batteries, either through taxes or incentives, or simply making it clear that owning such a car is indecent. SUV owners will be considered outcasts.

He compared buying a large SUV with a huge battery to a giant backpack designed for a multi-day trek.

You don’t go to the office with this backpack, do you? So why drive to the office in a car with a ton of battery?” he says.

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Source: Auto Express

Source: Z R


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