Named the danger of low mileage of the car

Firstly, with small values ​​on the counter, the machine can make a lot of difference over time, for example with constant insistence in traffic jams, and this is not at all harmless for components and assemblies. Service is also based on mileage, not engine hours, so a city car can exceed reasonable operating limits several times without an oil change.

Secondly, during short trips with frequent cold starts and insufficient warm-up, an enriched mixture enters the engine, which contributes to soot formation on candles, valves and cylinder walls. In particularly advanced cases coking of the rings is possible.

Thirdly, gasoline does not burn completely when the engine is cold and can get into the oil. There may also be condensed water. After warming up, excess fluid leaves the oil, but if the engine remains cold, such diluted oil naturally deteriorates.

The optimal parameters for a used car are 15-20 thousand km of annual mileage not only in the city, but also on the highway. It is in this case (and with a timely oil change) that the car will last a long time.

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