Fake showroom and total. What tricks do scammers use when selling cars? Insurers have named popular scam schemes when selling cars.

In St. Petersburg, police uncovered a group of scammers who stole cars from drivers who put them up for sale. informs Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

The attackers covered themselves with the brand of a real car dealership, for this they rented an office in the Krasnogvardeisky district, forged documents, copies of seals and signs. They then searched for ads for the sale of cars on classified websites, contacted dealers and offered their services – the car was put under a commission contract at a so-called real-life car center.

After signing the agency contracts, they took the cars with their keys and documents from their owners.

Criminals, in order not to arouse suspicion, sent false money transfer orders to vehicle owners, and found various excuses for the money not to be transferred to the accounts, citing technical problems.

The scammers sold the cars allocated to them and divided the profits among themselves. In some cases, they returned the money to the actual owners of the cars so they wouldn’t go to the police. Criminals also deceived car buyers who approached them – under the pretext of booking, they took their prepayment for cars, and then stopped communicating.

In total, the fake car dealer stole 11 cars, the total damage was about 8 million rubles,

It was included in the message of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

No commission

Oleg Moseev, founder of the Automarketologist project and former head of the Russian Association of Auto Dealers, says that scammers deceived a customer for significant money and without the fact that they steal a car filled with a difficult clause of the Criminal Code for them. (PATH). In his opinion, it is much easier and safer for fraudsters to change the contract or impose a destructive loan when buying and selling cars.

“People are also invited to a low-priced listing and contracts that are already in place are changed and offered to sign at a location where a different price is specified, and the upfront payment is no longer refunded.

Therefore, contracts should always be carefully studied, but in general it is better to go to reliable companies that have been on the market for a long time. Legal literacy is the responsibility of the future owner of the car,” Moseev emphasizes.

When selling a car yourself, it is important to understand that:

It is categorically impossible to give cars to random traders for commission.

The source says that if the car owner is ready for a commission sale, then you should come to a reputable car dealership and make a deal with a trusted legal entity.

“Dealers are dealing with car purchases at the exit. When selling a car “on the street”, it is important to make sure that the money is in your account and only then complete the transaction. Moseev notes that dealers have the opportunity to make such transactions when they see a car in the “here and now” format.

It should also be noted that cash payments for the vehicle are not accepted in such transactions, because in disputed situations it will be difficult to prove the money transfer, the expert warns.

“Professional players hardly ever use cash. That’s a lot of offers or scams.

There’s nothing wrong with high bids, except they don’t pay taxes to the government. Scammers can show you the money, and in the end you do not see a car or money, ”says the founder of the Automarketologist project.

“Killed and “Total”

VSK Insurance House has listed several popular car scams. Thus, scammers began to sell cars with bad body numbers more often. An ordinary person who does not have access to confidential data and without thoroughly checking the documents and examining the VIN number will not be able to set up a fraud. The most effective way not to fall into the trap is to transfer money only after completing the registration process with the traffic police.

Another fraud scheme is to sell a car by proxy by an unauthorized person, even though the buyer cannot identify the true owner.

The power of attorney may be fake or invalid at the time of transaction.

“You can check the power of attorney on the website of the Federal Notary Chamber. However, even if there is a power of attorney in the registry, it is possible that it is either completely fake (disguised as real) or contains rights that are not in the original.

Another popular trick is to sell a refurbished car, previously declared completely unusable, in the language of insurance companies, such cars are called “total”. In this case, buyers run the risk of buying a dangerous car. Often, scammers try to sell a mortgaged car using a duplicate deed without a bank mark.

In this case, the car will no longer be registered in MREO,

Added to VSC.

I stole it, I sold it myself.

Nikolay Filatov, deputy head of the department responsible for organizing the work of the regions, one of the most common car fraud schemes is that the insured allegedly stole a car from him, but actually sold it and claimed the theft only to receive insurance compensation. From the Reso-Garantia security department. In this case, the insurance company will take the vehicle from the real buyer as soon as it arrives for registration with the traffic police.

Another typical trick is for a scammer to gain trust and persuade you to buy a car on loan to rent later, to earn extra money if needed.

Then the victims themselves give the crook the keys to a brand new car, and he kidnaps it and hides ”

Shared by Filatov.

Last year, insurers stopped the activities of such a scammer in the south of Russia: a man found potential victims through his wife, who works in a beauty salon. Together with his wife, he told the client to buy a new car in the region, and then drive him to Moscow or St. They detailed the commercial benefits of renting in St. Petersburg.

“In this way, they convinced the customer to buy a premium brand car on credit and issue a CASCO policy for it. A man allegedly gave his new acquaintance a new rental car to participate in making a profit.

After the transfer of the car, the new acquaintance stopped communicating.

Later, the misled person told the insurance company about the theft,” says Filatov.

When buying or selling a car, Russians risk being left without money and without a car. Auto experts said scammers found new ways to cheat and continue to use proven old methods that drivers still fall in love with. Read more about what schemes are used by scammers in the socialbites.ca material.

Source: Gazeta


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