“Behind the wheel” in February: what AVTOVAZ is preparing; how motorists destroy their cars in winter; parallel import hits

“Behind the Wheel” No. 2/2023 is:


  • Where is AvtoVAZ going?
  • Za Rulem magazine exists 95 years!
  • Fine for waste from the car: that’s how it works
  • How many cars are running without OSAGO?
  • Russian car market: results of 2022
  • Grand Prix “Behind the wheel” 2023: we raffle three cars!


  • Moskvich 3: the first test
  • Sable NN: diesel, ABS and LED headlights
  • Mazda CX-4 from China – a worthy replacement?
  • Electric crossover Skywell ET5 2
  • Exeed LX AWD: turbo, robot, all-wheel drive


  • Our automotive industry: are we pulling localization?
  • New car imports: alternatives from China
  • Electric vehicles in Russia: we hope for growth


  • FAW Bestune T77 or Omoda C5? Don’t choose with your eyes!
  • Three-year-old Hyundai Kona from the USA: to take or not?


  • Is the battery empty? Let’s go anyway!
  • All about headlight repair 5
  • Car in winter: oil, tires, antifreeze
  • Salon floor mats with electrical heating – does that make sense?
  • SHRUS with lubrication: don’t spoil!
  • Where’s the thermocouple? Looking for the best!


  • Second-hand. Skoda Yeti
  • Pickups on the secondary: what to choose for 1.5 million
  • We opt for second-hand: Honda Fit
  • Geely Tugella and Volvo XC40: what they have in common and how you can save money
  • Park ZR: Chevrolet Cobalt and 10 years of life


  • LiAZ-677 – an advanced Soviet bus and its Western counterparts
  • Minicars, pickups and crossovers – unfulfilled projects of the 90s
  • Ferry crossings and boats: crossing rivers
  • Trucks Sollers Argo and Atlant: assembled in Russia

The head of the traffic police and the experts of “Behind the Wheel” answer questions from readers.

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