Soon we will stop tinting cars

General Motors (GM) has filed a patent for an auto-dimming augmented reality (AR) windshield.

According to patent application number 11 557 234 B1 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and published on January 17, 2023, the invention uses a projection screen and smart glass with variable light transmission. There are also sensors to detect oncoming traffic’s headlights and other bright light sources.

The patent application states that when the light level exceeds a certain threshold, the system darkens all or part of the glass. This should improve the safety of people on the road.

Tips for drivers are also displayed on the windshield, which are posted about the road and roadside infrastructure. Many other car manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, are also developing their own augmented reality systems and implementing them in cars.

It is not yet known when this technology will appear in production cars, but the direction of the development of security systems is clear – the windshield is no longer just a piece of glass, this part has great potential.

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A picture: General Motors, André Tan / Unsplash

Source: Z R


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