An Indian circumnavigated Bangalore on a bike that looked like a submarine 19:45

A Bangalore resident riding a single-hooded bike surprised local drivers with the unusual appearance of his vehicle. informs an india

According to him, the cigar-shaped vehicle with an aerodynamic body moved on a par with cars and buses in general traffic, and videos about it went viral on the Internet. In fact, the unusual transport turned out to be a pedestrian three-wheeled velomobile, designed for one person.

“People were very surprised by this vehicle. Many expressed a desire to ride him. But there were also doubts about how useful it was,” says Panish Nagaraja, owner of the velomobile, quoting the publication.

Earlier it became known that in Russia there is “AvtoVAZ”. to start sales of modernized Lada Niva Legend pickup trucks.

Source: Gazeta


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