Tesla drivers complain of hatred from other drivers

Tesla owners are perplexed as to why they are subjected to hatred and hatred on the road from other road users, mainly drivers of internal combustion engine cars.

They are regularly cut off on the road, block their exit in parking lots, block access to charging terminals, and teslovods are distributed.

So, Teresa Ramsdell, who owns two Teslas from Washington State, complains that she noticed aggression towards her in the first week after buying an electric car.

“I will be going exactly the same speed as my old Ford Fusion, but I will be constantly cut off, overtaken, slowed down, and prevented from changing lanes when driving a Tesla. It’s happened eight times this month.” – said another Tesla owner.

The representative of the Electric Vehicle Association, Mark Geller, is sure that this situation is inseparable from the personality of Elon Musk. After buying one of the world’s largest social networks and restoring Donald Trump’s account, negative attitudes towards Tesla drivers increased.

Requires 7,000 tires in popular sizes

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“Behind the wheel” together with the Popular Front began to raise money that will be used to purchase tires for cars of the People’s Police and operational services of the LPR and DPR: ambulances, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, vehicles delivering humanitarian aid to residents delivery of Donbass and army equipment. You can make your contribution
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Source: The Guardian

Source: Z R


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