Top 5 crossovers for winter: the experts’ choice

In winter, special requirements are placed on the equipment. And here crossovers are above the competition, auto expert Peter Bakanov is sure.

He considers the best Renault Duster.

“Frenchman” feels great both on snowy roads and in the city, when driving on cleared roads, thanks to the high ground clearance and all-wheel drive, the expert notes.

He gave second place Land Rover Discovery Sport — for fast starting and warming up of the engine, even at very low temperatures. However, it drives well on winter roads.

Japanese Subaru Forester third in the ranking. This model has excellent suspension, the car is stable and predictable on any track. The road in winter conditions confidently maintains a speed of 140 km / h, the expert found out.

All-wheel drive version of the Chinese SUV Haval Dargo and Jeep Renegade closes the top five winter crossovers.

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Source: Z R


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