There is a boom in private auto repair shops in Russia. What is the reason?

In Russia, the popularity of the business associated with car repair and service is growing. This is happening against the background of an increasing demand for the services of independent filling stations (STOs), which are increasingly chosen, for example, by customers of insurers.

Since the beginning of the year, the demand for the purchase of car services and car repair shops has increased fivefold, and the supply of such objects has doubled on average.

That’s what analysts say the business becomes profitable in the conditions of demand for repair services and the absence of formal restrictions on working with spare parts supplied under the parallel import scheme. A turnkey business quickly pays for itself – this is another reason for the high demand. In addition, legal entities and insurers more often turn to multi-brand gas stations – also because of the speed of repair.

In 2022, owners of warranted cars turned to official dealers less often: 77.3% vs. 87.1% in 2018. The help of independent filling stations was increasingly called upon: 11% and 6.8% respectively.

What about the officials?

Because customers often do not have the option to change cars, they try to keep what they have in good condition. The official dealers will therefore not lack customers in 2023, according to the market.

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