It is true that the lenses or additional accessories from brands such as Nikon or Canon offer excellent results, but it is also undeniable that they are equipment normally out of the reach of many pockets.

So a good alternative can be Yongnuo, a brand specialized in lenses and accessories for cameras that stands out for its value for money.

Although you might think that they are intended for amateur or beginner photographers, the quality they offer is on the same level as many professional works. Above all the fixed objectives that I have compiled for you in this list.

Yongnuo 35mm – Professional quality for an amateur price

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Without a doubt one of my favorites, not only because 35mm are my favorite lenses as I told you in this article, if not for the quality it offers for less than ÔéČ 100.

For APS-C and Full Frame cameras is ideal, and although the first impression is that it is an excessively light plastic, the ring mount is metal and plating digital contacts, which makes you think it can last for years.

It is an angle lens that has a diaphragm composed of 7 blades, minimum focusing distance of 25 centimeters, does not exceed 200 grams with a 23 mm diameter body and that allows to capture high quality images with excellent blur. However, in shots that include very distant focus or blur, it is possible that we will find a bit of chromatic aberration.

A great lens, compatible with Canon and Nikon mounts, which offers great performance and for a third of the cost of the original brands. It is a good lens to take on a trip, take street photography or portrait and the one that any beginner needs in their backpack.


­čĹŹWith the maximum aperture of f / 2, it does not lose excess quality even when it is so open, something that gives it good performance in dimly lit spaces and a solidity that is surprising due to the apparent quality of this model.

­čĹŹThe price is the main attraction without a doubt. For less than ÔéČ 100 you have a professional prime quality lens.


­čĹÄManual focus is poor as it has some gaps where it does not focus and to get the maximum out of the lens it is necessary to rotate 80 degrees, so it is neither practical nor precise. It is better to use autofocus.
­čĹÄNo stabilizer or ultrasonic focus.

Yongnuo 50mm – The Professional’s Favorite

When Yongnuo started producing his own lenses, he did so with the launch of this 50mm model and its price. collapsed all the lists, placing itself among the best valued and best-selling products, despite the fact that Canon already had a 50mm with a very interesting price.

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With a lightweight body of only 120 grams and a diaphragm of maximum aperture f / 1.8, provides enough luminosity and optical quality to cover a wide range of audiovisual needs. It is composed of 6 elements in 5 groups and the maximum range of vision is 46 degrees.

The minimum distance of focus is 45 centimeters and it has manual and automatic focus, although the latter is quite imprecise and slow. However, once you find the right contrast, the image will get a really sharp quality, worthy of the best 50mm lenses.

Despite being more tedious, manual focus achieves a lot of precision. It should also be noted el bokeh so spectacular that it achieves, something that you will appreciate in your portrait photographss. This lens is also one of the most recommended along with the 35mm for street photography.


­čĹŹThe price of this lens is one of the most prominent factors. For less than 50 euros, you get an equivalent in quality to the f / 1.8 of Nikon and Canon that are priced above 150 euros.

­čĹŹThe blur it achieves is very good at large apertures, something to stand out in video or portrait photography.


­čĹÄBacklit objects may be less sharp, and although they did improve chromatic aberration for this version compared to 35mm, with the aperture at the maximum aperture it is difficult to avoid this.
­čĹÄThe focus motor can be noisy, it may be difficult to find the point to focus especially in low contrast situations.

Yongnuo 100mm – Robustness and Image Quality

It is the one with the longest focal length Yongnuo objective lens, with a 9-blade diaphragm and a f / 2 maximum aperture. This telephoto lens has become the most interesting option among those who are new to wildlife photography, macro, portraits or sports.

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The minimum focus distance is 90 centimeters and the total weight of the lens 390 grams.

Unlike previous versions, this 100mm Yongnuo lens it is robust and solid. It’s great for macro photography, with an amazing level of sharpness. Even with the aperture at the maximum (f / 2), the photographs achieve a balance that is pleasing to the eye, with hardly any aberrations.

The soft focus and vivid colors are the strong point of this lens, thanks to its long focal length, which makes it an ideal lens for taking photographs that isolate the subject due to the blur it achieves.


­čĹŹThe bayonet adapter is made of metal and firmly supports the lens to the camera body. In addition, it gives the feeling that the materials will be durable enough to extend their useful life.

­čĹŹOf course, it is the price that stands out the most. It is a lens for professionals who do not want to make large investments or have limited budgets and do not want to lose quality.


­čĹÄThe focus speed is not as fast as it should be, which can spoil photos in wildlife or insect macro photos.


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