Between the photography apps for Android We have made a compilation of the most outstanding ones that for us are the really interesting and most complete.

I have left you the download links so that you can install them directly on your phone. I recommend downloading the ones that are free and that you try one by one, although if you don’t want to waste time, they are organized in order of preference.

You can also combine them, for example, I currently use Snapseed together with VSCO, I think this combo is the most powerful you can have on your phone and both are free. At least VSCO is mandatory, the filters it offers are really good and your photos will gain a much more interesting look.

Take this opportunity to remind you that you can find the best programs to edit photos in case you want to continue editing from your computer.

The best apps to edit photos on Android

There are more than you will find on this list (as is the case with Afterlight, which I reserve for the iOS post), but I wanted to focus on the five Android apps that I think are essential or that cover the editing needs perfectly.

As I was saying, surely in some cases you have to combine tools but since most of them are free, there will not be any kind of problem.


It is free and it will turn your Android phone into a very complete editing station, with basic settings such as filters, brightness, contrast or exposure and more advanced settings such as edit by zones using your finger, remove blemishes, HDR, blur background or double exposure. Its interface is very easy to use, it has a very intuitive design and «painting» with your finger does not become cumbersome. Personally it is the one I use the most together with VSCO, especially because it works with RAW and DNG and exports the photos in JPG or PNG. From the Snapseed application itself you can share images with VSCO or Instagram to continue editing the image or publish it on your social network.

You can download Snapseed for free here.


best photography apps for android

One of my favorite photography apps, the variety of filters and the quality of these is what makes it one of the best apps for editing photos. It is not as complete as Snapseed, filters are really its strong point but you can make basic edits of exposure, contrast, cropping, color temperature, focus, etc. The best thing about VSCO is that it allows you to use the camera from the app itself, although it is a feature that I hardly use, I prefer to use the native camera of the phone normally. There is a filter store that is worth keeping an eye on, there are really good presets that you can get on sale. The minimalist design perfectly completes its simple handling. In addition, by downloading this app and registering, you will become part of the homonymous social network to be able to share your photos. Download VSCO.


apps to edit photos on android

Free smartphone image editor backed by 123rf image bank. Pixlr is a very complete app that competes directly with Snapseed but with some extra features and sacrificing more advanced tools. With Pixlr you can use the camera from the app itself, something that is not possible in its competitor. As for editing, in addition to basic settings, you can blur, repair lights and shadows, red eyes or crop the image.

Highlight the brush tool above all the apps that you will see in the list. With this option you can pixelate faces from the phone, highlighting with your finger or scribbling on the image. Pixlr also has predefined filters but personally I think it is not up to the VSCO offer. You will be able to create collages, change the backgrounds and merge the layers of different images to create an effect similar to that of double exposure. Also, use the classic effects to turn any photograph into a pencil or ink sketch. Simple and intuitive to use, it will test your creativity. Descargar PIXLR.

Adobe Photoshop Express

android apps for editing photos

Photoshop can scare those who are approaching the world of photo editing for the first time, but its mobile version is simplified to make it much more intuitive and easy to use.

Photoshop express is a free and compressed version of the desktop version, with it you can make a quick and advanced editing of your photos directly from the phone. In addition to editing tools, it has more than 60 Instagram-style filters, many are free but for others you will have to go through the checkout, in that case if you do not want to spend, combine Photoshop with the VSCO filters.

Its function to eliminate luminance noise stands out, something that currently affects most phones, in difficult light conditions you will have noise in your photographs and this option reduces it without losing too much detail. Photoshop Express connects to Creative Cloud, so if you pay the monthly subscription for the desktop version, you can have your photos in the cloud and continue editing wherever you want. You can make collages easily and in a few steps, without extra applications. Supports large files and RAW format.

Download Photoshop Express for Android.

Adobe Lightroom CC

best photography app for android

Lightroom is possibly the best-known photo editing tool used on computers and is also one of the best apps to edit photos from your phone. To get the most out of it, you will need a subscription to Adobe, which is why it is especially recommended for those who already pay for the desktop version. The best thing is to be able to synchronize your photos through Creative cloud and have your photographic library on your mobile or continue editing the photos on your phone on your computer. Supports archivos RAW, although to edit them you will need a fairly powerful mobile.

As for editing, you will have advanced tools such as a selection brush, editing through linear or radial gradients, exposure, temperature, reducing or increasing haze, eliminating halos and moiré or applying presets as we are used to in your version of desktop.

You can download Adobe Lightroom CC for free from the play store.


Descargar photo lab android

It lives up to its name and turns your phone into a real fotography laboratory. Despite seeming to be a mere compilation of filters and effects, it allows the creation of montages with images that can become the covers of publications or whatever you want. It includes more than 500 effects. It is surprising for its section for facial manipulation.

In addition, it allows retouch photos in layers and different areas, which will be of great help when turning each of your snapshots into a small work of art. It is not a photography application aimed at a professional edition, but rather as entertainment with a multitude of options to create original images. Download Photo Lab for Android.

I hope this selection about the best photography apps for Android help you find the one that best suits your needs. Now it is up to you to turn your mobile into a small photographic laboratory that helps you get the best out of each photograph you take. With these applications it will be easier than ever. Cheer up!

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