Video game developers were unaware of Google Stadia’s shutdown

Turning off the streaming service stadium gamesOfficially announced a few days ago, it surprised many developers. According to several creators directly related to the platform, they announced on social networks what they learned about social media. Closing with the public announcement by Google. Simon Roth, creator of the indie game ‘Maia’, says he spent months working on a project that may never see the light of day.

“Whenever something negative happens in video games, the people affected, sometimes those who turn their lives upside down, find out about it through the press or Twitter. No emails, no phone calls, no notifications, no notes on the website.” According to your logic, Stadia had good build and worked wellhowever, it was “completely doomed” due to managerial interventions and underinvestment.

Also on social networks, developer Tom Vian guarantees: game ‘Tangle Tower’ would be released immediately on Stadia, but now the future of the game looks uncertain. While Google has promised to compensate all affected consumers by refunding any money invested in the platform, how the company will act with the developers and other partners of the platform is currently not defined.

There are several examples online of creators whose games are scheduled to launch in November but don’t know what to do next. “They had a lot of great ideas when they first introduced it to me, but conservative strategies, lack of consumer confidence and lack of investment killed it.”, aforementioned. This is also causing problems among gamers who are launching campaigns to allow the save files to be exported to other platforms, with developers responsible for games like “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Red Dead Redemption 2”.

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