Six tricks you probably didn’t know about using your iPhone like Steve Jobs

The development of technology in recent years is really ugly. so much so that ours mobile phones and devices we use every day features that are often not noticed by most users.

about hidden functions that are very practical, such as codes or applications that will make your life easier, although we do not normally use them because they are not exactly known. And the best thing is that it happens on all kinds of devices. For example, Android has a very useful feature that no one has mentioned: Notification history.

But we’re here today to talk about Google software, not Google software. hidden iphone features. And for that we bring you a list The hidden functions of giant Apple’s cell phones The post shared on Twitter by @ifrnb, who is known for being an expert on Apple and iPhone.

1.- Customize the vibration of each of your contacts’ notifications. With this hidden function of your iPhone, you can assign a unique vibration to each contact, so your phone vibrates differently depending on who is calling or texting you, and you know who it is without even looking at it.

  • You can activate it as follows: Contacts → Select the contact → Edit → Ringtone → Vibrate → Create vibration.

2.- Use your iPhone’s camera to copy the texts. This is another of the most useful features of your iPhone and the way to use it is very simple.

  • Open the camera → Focus on a text → Long press the text (or the text symbol in the lower right corner) → Copy the text.

3.- Change the language of your iPhone apps. Another function that you probably do not know is that you can change the language of the applications you have installed on your iPhone, regardless of the language in which your device is configured. eyelash! Not all of them allow you to make this change.

  • How is it done? To join Settings → Swipe to Applications → Enter application → Change language.

4.- Did you know that your iPhone has a magnifying glass? Yes, your iPhone has a built-in magnifying glass that you can use to magnify any object.

  • How is it done? Enter Control Center Settings → Tap Add Magnifier → Magnifier, now you can see everything better.

5.- Text predictions in iMessage. The iPhone iMessage messaging app has text predictions, so if they ask you for your number or where you are, the answer will automatically appear on the prediction keyboard.

6.- Close all Safari tabs at once. This is one of the oldest iPhone tricks and also one of the most useful. Often, we find that we unconsciously leave many tabs open in our Safari browser that we don’t need. Eliminating them all at once is very simple: just hold down the button with the two little squares at the bottom of Safari and select this option.

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