A historian’s apocalyptic warning: “Artificial Intelligence will bring the end of humanity”

Inside fiction There has always been talk of a possible revolt of the machines. If we look at the cinema, we have “Me, Robot”, “Ex Machina” or “I am the Mother”. But the best example is “Terminator”, where it can be seen as in the future except for the sinuous twists in time. machines will rule the world and humans will be real cattle. Again, Perhaps the most interesting view on the subject is in The Matrixwhere people literally turn into energy.

now he philosopher and historian Émile Torres warned a artificial superintelligence could end humanity forever. This is largely because we are completely incapable of predicting or controlling their actions.

“What if we programmed an artificial superintelligence to maintain world peace and hacking these government systems to launch all nuclear weapons on the planetDo you think there can be no more wars if there are no humans? Yes, we can explicitly program it not to. What about your plan B?

According to this historian, this the most important event of humanity. Again, humanity would no longer be the most intelligent being on the planetbut it would something above that can rule and control us. Ironically, it’s something created by us.

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