Expert explains why you can’t go to the toilet with a smartphone

Even the use of waterproof smartphones in the bathroom can cause a short circuit inside the device and break the device. Sergey Kuzmenko, a senior specialist in testing digital products of the Roskachestvo Center for Digital Expertise, spoke about this in an interview with

“Modern smartphone models are protected from moisture and dust according to the IP68 standard. This standard protects the device from ingress of water in most cases, even for minor, short-term immersion. When taking the gadget to the bathroom, where there are strong temperature drops and condensation, it should be remembered that the standards for device protection are not designed for such operations. Therefore, there is a high probability of formation of humidity inside the device as condensation, which will certainly lead to a short circuit of the motherboard, this is not always an irreparable situation, ”warned Kuzmenko.

As the expert explains, due to the temperature difference, condensation can form both on the internal components and on the external components, since the components inside the smartphone are not in a vacuum.

According to Kuzmenko, traces of abuse on the device also aggravate the situation. There may be serious scratches, cracks or chips. All these flaws significantly accelerate the ingress of moisture into the smartphone, which ultimately reduces its life.

Formerly saidthat charging a smartphone under the pillow may cause an explosion and fire.

Source: Gazeta


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