‘Black Desert: Drakania Awakens’ is here to revolutionize the title on PC and consoles

The developer Pearl Abyss, which meticulously adheres to the set deadlines, has released the long-awaited free update, and with it “Drakania Awakening”, too much for a video game ‘Black Desert Online‘for’Black Desert Console‘. This release is an important step forward for both the game and the company itself, as this is the first update of these features to be released simultaneously on PC and video consoles.


‘Awakening’ Update Offers a Brand New Style of Play, also includes a new questline with information about Drakania and her grim legacy. It adds a new “Season: Dawn of Dragons” that promises to make it easy to get gear and level up quickly. Of course, the Season’s content will (for now) only be available to PC players.

Free access to the game

If the format caught your attention and you did not dare to try it, pay attention, because now all new users can get the game for free for 14 days. If they manage to reach level 50 with any character during this time, they will be able to request a pass that will allow them to keep the game completely free forever. Moreover, If they complete the Rebirth or Awakening quest (available after reaching level 56), a draw will automatically be entered for Conqueror’s Edition bonus content, including rare items and in-game currency. Veterans can also participate in this sweepstakes, but to do so they must upgrade three of their Tuvala teams to the PEN level with a Season character. Of course, in order to participate in this latest promotion, you must have downloaded the game client from the official website, not from Steam or your console’s Store. It’s time to check out the official features of ‘Drakania Awakening’ published by Pearl Abyss:

‘Trion: New Awakening Weapon’ is a combination of two spears, one powered by wind and the other by fire. Drakania uses both together and launches relentless attacks.

Malefic Blood and Draconic Blood Forms: Drakania can freely switch between the two forms, each offering their own modifiers to the character’s attacks.

Drakania Awakening: Drakania’s unique traits allow her to remain in Awakening without surpassing her previous form.

Melee: The Drakania class is based on a melee style with excellent movement abilities.

New Drakania Awakening abilities:

Fierce Shock: Unleashes the power of dragons on nearby enemies, then drives Drakania’s Triad into their hearts.

Harbinger of Chaos: Direct the winds to your left spear, soar into the air, then slam into your enemies.

Shattering Rush (Malefic Blood) – Combine two spears to direct the winds, then charge the enemy.

Shattering Rush (Draconian Blood) – Combine both spears, then bring the winds forward to repel enemies.

Seismic Roar (Malefic Blood) – Directs the winds at the spear and then drops them forward while firing the right spear and leaving a fiery trail on the ground that burns enemies.

Seismic Roar (Dragon Blood) – Direct the winds to your left spear, then summon the dragons’ power to unleash a devastating roar forward. Persistent and devastating dragon’s breath destroys all enemies in front of it. The company has also announced major technology upgrades that will enable gaming at up to 120 FPS on PlayStation 5 and provide a much smoother gaming experience on the ‘Black Desert Console’. Watch how Drakania unfolds its ashen wings in the trailer below.

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