Hamster Kombat now has a daily code for July 10th and 11th at 22:03

The developers of the popular Telegram game Hamster Kombat have updated the daily code. About this reports Telegram channel “300 Kryptan”.

Players who successfully decipher the code between July 10 and July 11 will be awarded 1 million in-game currency HMSTR. You will need to use Morse code to enter the code.

The process of entering the code is as follows: Players need to go to the Hamster Kombat main menu and select the “Daily Code” section. When the hamster’s background turns red, the code entry mode using Morse code is activated. A short press on the hamster corresponds to a dot “.”, and a long press corresponds to a dash “-”. To enter the word WHALE, you need to use the following sequence: W – “. – -“, H – “. . . .”, A – “. -“, L – “. – . .”, E – “.”.

The code will be valid until 22:00 Moscow time and will change after that.

Hamster Kombat is a viral clicker game where users earn points by clicking on a hamster on the screen. The developers promise that after the listing, players will be able to convert points into real cryptocurrency. However, the former head of Binance CIS Vladimir Smerkis warns that the distribution of tokens will be difficult due to the large number of participants, and blockchain expert Oleg Lupikov advises not to count on the opportunity to earn large sums in the game.

Russians before warned About the dangers of being addicted to the game Hamster Kombat.

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Source: Gazeta


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