Hamster Kombat now has combo cards for July 9th and 10th 16:16

The developers of the game Hamster Kombat have presented on Telegram a new set of bonus cards that will be available from July 9 to 10. About this reports Telegram channel “300 Kryptan”.

To activate the combination, users need to purchase or upgrade three cards: DEX, Semifinals vs Spain, and TG Leaders. The first card is in the Web3 section, the second and third are in the Specials section.

Web3 is a new section in the Mining menu. So far it contains only one card – DEX. It costs 75 thousand in-game HMSTR points and adds 3 thousand to the profit indicator per hour.

Players who activate the listed cards will receive a one-time payout of 5 million HMSTR tokens.

The combinations in the game are updated daily at 15:00 Moscow time.

Hamster Kombat is a popular clicker game whose developers promise that after listing on cryptocurrency exchanges, players will be able to convert the accumulated points into cryptocurrency. However, experts express doubts about the possibility of making money from the game. So, the former head of Binance in the CIS Vladimir Smerkis noted that with the increasing number of players, the process of distributing tokens will become more complicated, and blockchain expert Oleg Lupikov advised players not to have illusions about the great financial prospects of Hamster Kombat.

In the crypto games market on Telegram, Hamster Kombat competes with popular projects such as Catizen and Blum.

Russians before warned From purchasing Hamster Kombat tokens during the pre-sale phase.

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Source: Gazeta


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