Atomic Heart creators reveal first footage of new DLC featuring underwater laboratory 15:40

Studio Mundfish published There are two artworks for the third story expansion of the Atomic Heart game on my Telegram channel.

One image shows a flooded area, the other a synthetic whale-like creature. The developers hinted that the expansion will take place underwater, inviting fans to guess which sea creatures main character Major Nechaev, also known as P-3, will encounter.

Details about the expansion’s production status and name have yet to be revealed, but the Mundfish team has assured that they are actively working on the sequel and will begin sharing news as soon as it’s ready.

Atomic Heart was released in February 2023. During this time, two story additions were released to the game. The first, called “Destruction Instinct,” unlocks the Mendeleev complex, and the second, “Prisoner of Limbo,” sends the protagonist into the dimension of the Limbo world where he meets Nechaev’s wife. The original game was highly rated by players and critics, but the additions to Atomic Heart received mixed reviews.

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