Full-fledged computer games will be released more often for iPhone 15:38

Apple released The beta version of Game Porting Toolkit 2, whose main innovation is SDK support for iOS 18. Thanks to this, developers will be able to port PC games to Mac and then to iPhone.

The Game Porting Toolkit was introduced last year. Initially, it allowed games to be ported from Windows to Mac, sometimes without having to change the source code. The second version, announced at WWDC alongside the macOS Sequoia operating system, includes a feature that makes it easier to port games from macOS to iOS and iPadOS, and allows you to run Mac games natively on iPhone and iPad devices.

Additionally, the updated version offers improved graphics performance, ray tracing support on compatible devices, and the AVX2 instruction set.

Game Porting Toolkit 2 is currently available in beta for developers. The full version of the utility is expected to be released alongside Apple’s new operating systems this fall.

Journalists in June named The release of console games on the iPhone was a commercial failure, as only 3 thousand people bought the full-fledged Assassin’s Creed Mirage project for the iPhone and iPad.

Previously reportedResident Evil 7 has been ported to iPhone.

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