Russian singer Dora explained her attitude towards games and Dota 2 13:23

Singer Daria Shikhanova, known as Dora, said in an interview with, It has been said about his attitude towards the popular computer game Dota 2 and his favorite games.

“For me, Dota is still something unknown and complicated; often I don’t even understand what is happening or how to grasp the sequence of actions. I would describe this game as follows: a pile of madness,” the girl admitted.

According to Dora, she was also surprised that her music became popular among the Dota 2 fan community. At first, the singer thought that the “Doters” were listening to her as nothing more than a joke.

The actor admitted that his acquaintance with video games occurred during his school years: “My classmate had a computer and a lot of different video games at home, I periodically came to visit him and we played. I remember very well the following games of the 2000s: “Madagascar”, “Winx”, “Garfield”, “Ice Age”, “Kuzya”, “Pilot Brothers”. After a while, my parents also began to buy me game CDs.”

Now the girl is playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. According to Dora, she is a big fan of this story.

Dora is a famous Russian singer who became famous for her works such as “Doradura”, “Fell in Love” and others.

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Source: Gazeta


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