Russians told how to protect themselves from fake AI 15:34

Scammers are actively using artificial intelligence (AI) to fool Russians. The two most common tools at the disposal of attackers are deepfakes and voice synthesis. reports Life publication, with reference to information security analyst Konstantin Zubchenko, author of the “White Hat Hacker” course at the Skillfactory IT vocational school.

When using deepfakes, attackers create fake photos and videos that are almost indistinguishable from real images of people to bypass verification systems, steal data, or blackmail. Voice synthesis allows you to imitate the voice of any person to extort money or obtain confidential information.

While these methods aren’t widely used globally yet, they are quite common locally. To protect yourself from these scams, Zubchenko recommends using popular fraud detection services and being wary of calls that require immediate action or contain unusual requests.

He also advises to be careful and make sure of the applicant’s true identity, even if it is someone close to you. Persistent scammers can buy expensive programs to change their voice or appearance and develop a detailed story for a specific victim. To reveal a fraudulent attack, it is enough to independently contact the person the scammers are posing as or his relatives.

Russians before warned about the consequences of incorrect charging of a smartphone.

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Source: Gazeta


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