Airships will help protect Russia from warplanes 17:18

Russia has launched a new system to protect objects from drones called “Barrier”, which consists of “floating” nets installed on balloons. reports RIA Novosti cites Polina Albek, general director of the developer company JSC First Airship. Albek explained the development in St. He presented it at the conference “Technologies for detecting and countering UAVs” in St. Petersburg.

The maximum load that can be placed on the balloon in the barrier system is 30 kg. The company independently produces balloons and produces nets at private enterprises.

The developers were inspired by the historical use of airships suspended by chain ropes for defensive purposes during the First World War. The barrier system has already been tested at the test site and pre-orders have been taken. The effective working height of the balloons reaches 300 meters.

When drones are detected approaching an object, the balloons rise into the air and trap them with nets. The net containing the captured drones is then separated from the balloon and a new trap is set on top.

The company First Airship JSC traditionally creates cargo airships, but based on its experience, it decided to develop an anti-drone system.

The conference “Technologies for detecting and countering UAVs” will be held on July 1-2 in St. It will be held in St. Petersburg. The organizer was the Competence Center in the field of unmanned technologies RuDrones and Vector Research Institute.

Previously was determined Timing of the launch of mass production of Russian processors.

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Source: Gazeta


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