Daily code for Hamster Kombat game released on June 30, 10:58

Hamster Kombat, the popular crypto game on the Telegram platform, is updating its secret code. In this respect reports “Championship” edition.

The developers announced that the new password will be active between June 29-30. The team adds new codes and combo cards to the game every day, giving players a bonus of 1 million in-game HMSTR coins.

The code for the day 29-30 June is the word PROOF. To enter, you need to go to the main screen of the game and click on the “Daily Code” button. Players must then enter each letter of the code word using Morse code. Signature “.” means quick press on hamster and “–” means long press for 2-3 seconds.

Therefore, players need to enter the following combination: P – “. – – .”, R – “. – .”, O – “– – –”, O – “– – –”, F – «. . – .”

This code will be valid until 22:00 Moscow time, after which it will be replaced with a new one.

In Hamster Kombat, players earn points by tapping the screen. The developers promise that in-game currency can be exchanged for real cryptocurrency once it is listed on the exchange. However, blockchain expert Oleg Lupikov and former Binance CIS president Vladimir Smerkis warn Russian players not to get their hopes up about making money from the game.

Besides Hamster Kombat, there are other competitors in the crypto gaming space such as Blum, Catizen and others.

Previously was named Health risks of playing Hamster Kombat.

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Source: Gazeta


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