Russians were told about the risks of using smart homes 17:45

Like any other device connected to the internet, smart home devices can be attacked by hackers. In an interview with Sputnik radio on this subject aforementioned Vladimir Ulyanov, head of the Zecurion analytical center.

According to Ulyanov, hacking a smart home poses two major threats. The first threat is that attackers can gain access to the system, delete smart home-related data, interfere with the control of electrical devices and connect to microphones. The second area of ​​risk relates to the leakage of information received by the developer pursuant to the user agreement. The developer may remove some data from devices to improve the performance of its products and services.

Ulyanov also points out that the most dangerous consequences can be the consequences of a hacker attack on a smartphone, since it is usually the most sensitive device next to the user. An attacker who takes over the smartphone can access all the user’s personal information, including written and voice correspondence, geolocation data, photos and files.

The expert recommends users periodically disconnect devices from the network and remove batteries. It also recommends performing certain Wi-Fi procedures, such as changing factory passwords and creating your own accounts, to make life harder for attackers.

Previously powerful Android virus Rafel was attacked Russian WhatsApp users.

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Source: Gazeta


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