Xiaomi adapted 24 more devices to HyperOS 16:32

Chinese technology company Xiaomi announced that it has expanded the list of devices that will be compatible with the HyperOS operating system. These devices included several smart TVs, watches, and speakers. In this respect reports IT-Home publication.

Notably, the HyperOS update includes support for the Xiaomi TV S series with Mini LED technology, which will be available in the 55 to 85-inch size range. Additionally, the company introduced the new Redmi MAX model with a 100-inch screen diagonal. Redmi Smart TV A series TVs with diagonals from 32 to 75 inches are also now supported.

Wearable technology enthusiasts can also rejoice that the Redmi Watch 4 and Xiaomi Band 8 Pro smartwatches are also compatible with HyperOS.

The list of supported columns has been significantly expanded. These now include Xiaomi Smart Home Pro 8, Xiaomi Smart Home 10 and Xiaomi Smart Home 6. Other supported models include Xiaomi Sound Pro, Xiaomi Sound Move, as well as various versions of Xiaomi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker and Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen. Speaker.

Thus, Xiaomi continues to improve the HyperOS operating system and expand its scope, making it more accessible to users of various devices.

Previously AppearedHe said that Xiaomi will soon introduce a new cheap smartphone under the Redmi brand.

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