Russians were given tips on cleaning the phone’s charging connector 11:27

Special kits for cleaning the phone, including the charger connector, are suitable for you to carry out the procedure yourself. This is about Pravda.Ru said Chief editor of the BigGeek.Ru portal is Nikolai Nikolaev.

According to him, such kits include cotton swabs, special brushes and a cleaning product. He explained that you can clean the device with regular alcohol and a cotton swab, but this should be done carefully.

“The most important thing not to do is to climb into the port with metal objects that can damage the contacts. Therefore, this process must be done extremely precisely. But in general, I personally have nothing against alcohol. Of course, opinions differ and some will say that you need to be more careful with alcohol. But in any case, you should not flood the device, but slightly moisten it,” Nikolaev noted.

An article had previously reported that iPhone 13 smartphones, like previous models, could be worse charge or stop charging while using the cable due to a problem with the connector; In most cases, you just need to clean the connector yourself to fix the problem.

Russians before saidHow can you extend the life of your smartphone?

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Source: Gazeta


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