The tricks of fraudsters using QR codes were explained to Russians 10:31

Scammers are tricking Russians into using QR codes for banking transactions and withdrawing money from their accounts. Attackers also place fake QR codes in public places that direct them to phishing sites where they scam personal data and bank account information. Roskachestvo’s press service reported this to

To avoid becoming a victim of scammers, experts recommend using only dynamic QR codes created specifically for a particular transaction. When using paper QR codes, you should check with the cashier or waiter that they are valid and make sure that the code has not been pasted on top of each other. Phishing sites often use an unsecured connection or fake security certificates; Therefore, you need to ensure that the site is genuine and has a secure HTTPS connection before entering payment details.

Attackers also use chatbots in popular instant messengers to create the impression that an official automated service is running. They offer various social aid and benefits, student scholarships and benefits for families with children, and defraud people’s personal data and bank account information. It is important to note that no government website requires you to provide personal information via QR codes.

A new type of fraud related to scooter rental has been discovered recently. The person tried to rent a scooter and scanned the QR code, but the attackers had already replaced the code with their own and a completely different source was opened on the victim’s smartphone. A person filled out payment forms by inadvertently entering personal data, not knowing that fraudsters would use it for their own benefit.

Sergei Kuzmenko, head of the Roskachestvo Digital Center of Expertise, says that, as with other fraud schemes, the main problem is the haste and carelessness that attackers take advantage of. To avoid falling victim to scammers, you should follow basic digital hygiene rules and be careful when interacting with QR codes.

Russians before warned It’s about the sites where scammers are most likely waiting for them.

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Source: Gazeta


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