Experts reveal the role of artificial intelligence in military conflicts 10:31

Artificial intelligence is already being introduced into the military arena and used for a variety of purposes – for example, the United States has a program to use AI to pilot fighter jets. Dmitry Ziborov, associate professor of technical sciences at the Russian University of Economics Plekhanov University, says that the role of artificial intelligence in military conflicts will increase in the near future. Including the increased use of smart weapons on the battlefield stated He talks to

“[Американцы] They even waged virtual wars in the skies; A dogfight between a real pilot and artificial intelligence. The result was mixed. Artificial intelligence has won some wars. They are trying to apply this in land warfare as well. For planning operations, gathering intelligence and reconnaissance,” the expert emphasized.

Ziborov believes that artificial intelligence is now used in technology, in the creation of combat aircraft, in the control of unmanned aerial vehicles, in the production of underwater drones and in the production of “smart” weapons. Ziborov believes that this is a new trend in the military field. He explained that today’s electronic warfare systems often suppress remote control, so any weapon must be “self-intelligent” to control itself without human intervention. There are already such cases in world practice – when a drone gives itself the command to launch a rocket, the expert said.

“So such situations already exist. “Most likely, their numbers will gradually increase,” he concluded.

For more on how Russia is massively incorporating AI into its combat systems, see In the material “”.

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