“Gray” plans for renting electric scooters were found on social networks 07:51

Experts from FACCT, a developer of technology to combat cybercrime, identified more than 25 web resources offering “gray” electric scooter rental services, bypassing the rules of official sharing services. writes about this RBC.

The Services offer users the opportunity to purchase an account with loyalty program points, promotional codes for discounts, or assistance in registering a new account. There are also numerous applications with access to the application for kick-sharing services employees that include unlimited travel and bulk account registration instructions. The cost of services is from 20 to 2 thousand rubles.

Both minors and blocked users of Kicksharing services can purchase services and promotional codes. But experts warned that buyers risk being fined and blacklisted by the services, as well as falling victim to scammers. The company noted that stolen accounts may be provided to customers and their use may lead to criminal liability.

Previously in Moscow started raids among scooter drivers and cyclists.

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Source: Gazeta


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