Russians told why ignoring Windows, Android and iOS updates is dangerous 12:06

Software updating is an important element of the stable and secure operation of computers, mobile devices and other electronic devices. Natalya Golitsyna, head of the telephone department of the MTS retail network, told more about the importance of updating the software and how to do it on various devices.

Golitsyna highlighted several main reasons why devices should be updated regularly. The first is feature improvements: New versions of software often include additional options that improve the user interface and increase performance. Second, updates ensure that programs work correctly with new software and services. Third, in industries with stringent security and compliance standards, software updates help maintain those standards. Fourth, software updates help eliminate vulnerabilities that attackers could use to gain access to user data.

How to update software on different devices? Updates for Windows PCs are delivered through Windows Update. You need to open Settings > Update & Security and then look for updates. Updates for Mac are available in System Preferences > Software Update. iOS updates for iPhone and iPad can be installed via Settings > General > Software Update. Updates for Android devices are available in Settings > System Update or About > Software Update.

“Smart home devices such as smart watches and televisions are usually updated through the Settings menu or mobile app on your smartphone. To update the software of a router or other Wi-Fi-connected devices, you usually need to log into the device’s web interface and follow the software update procedure according to the instructions,” added Golitsyna.

Previously on Android smartphones seen official function to spy on children.

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Source: Gazeta


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