A combat dump robot was developed in Krasnoyarsk 18:39

A team of engineers from Krasnoyarsk has introduced a new combat robot called Murabey, which will participate in the international robot combat championship in 2024. socialbites.ca was informed about this by the press service of the Battle of Robots competition.

Murabey’s main active element is the pneumatic shooter, housed in a housing stylized in the shape of an ant’s head. During the fight, the robot can damage opponents thanks to the pneumatic mechanism in its nose.

Ekaterina Kokorina, president of the “Battle of Robots” championship, noted that such competitions allow experts from different fields to come together, demonstrate their skills and attract public attention. Robot warfare is one of the most exciting disciplines in today’s robotics industry, fueling the growth of engineers and advancements in robotics.

More than 90 teams will participate in the international championship “Battle of Robots – 2024”, which will compete in two categories: the battle of robots up to 110 kg and the battle of mini robots up to 1.5 kg for participants weighing from 10 to 110 kg. 17 years old. The first qualifying phase of the competition will take place in late summer 2024.

142 applications were made for the first category competitions, in which 64 teams from 9 countries were allowed to compete. Participants are representatives of Russia, Belarus, Brazil, India, Iran, China, USA, Turkey and Ecuador.

Previously in the USA developed A unique robot climber.

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Source: Gazeta


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