An IT researcher explained how they managed to identify the owners of sites with conflicting evidence 13:06

There are more than 3.5 thousand information sources in Russia trying to discredit Russian politicians, security officials and businessmen. As IT researcher and Internet Search company manager Igor Bederov told, the site network belongs to three Ukrainian citizens: Taras Chornoivan, Igor Savchuk, Konstantin Chernenko. This has been proven using recovery data.

The challenge was to prove that thousands of sites belonged to specific individuals.

“We examined one and a half thousand sites and found that about thirty emails were indicated for registration. However, it was later revealed that they were all communicating with three phone numbers via data recovery. “These phones belonged to Taras Chornoivan,” says Bederov.

For this reason, Internet Search staff conducted separate research for each site. To begin with, objective data on the site was analyzed. Its registration and physical location are created – the hosting where the domain is registered. Both the first and the second have the copyright owner and the paying side, there is a financial tracking, there is the logo of the person who registered on the site. Then, the people specified during registration are identified.

“I think we will face a long conflict between the need to create and promote new sources of fake news on the territory of the Russian Federation and the blocking of such sources as much as possible on the Russian side. That is why analyzing news sources is so important,” concluded Igor Bederov.

How many sites in the material deal with incriminating evidence and how much they cost.

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Source: Gazeta


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