A Russian game about a girl taking revenge on a gamer for unrequited love has been released 17:37

on Steam release took place games “The Girl from Hell!” From Russian indie developer That Guy’s Games.

“The Girl From Hell!” is a 2D arcade puzzle game in the style of the popular “Pee Your Neighbor” game series. The player controls a girl who proposes to a man, but the man rejects her, choosing computer games. During the game, the girl finds various objects and uses them to make fun of her lover and set various traps for him.

“So I have completed the first 3 levels, I am sharing my impressions. The game is very cute, I liked the animation style very much. The traps in the first 3 levels are fun and interesting. As someone who once played How to Anger the Neighbor, the meaning of the game is quite clear and painfully familiar to me. “I didn’t notice any errors,” shared a Steam user.

“The Girl From Hell!” on Steam It costs 90 rubles with a launch discount and 150 rubles without a discount. Before purchasing the game, you can get to know the game by downloading the free demo version.

According to the developer, more than 3.5 thousand users added the game to their wishlist about five months before the game’s release.

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Source: Gazeta


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