Unusual exercise bike with 3D effect was presented 15:25

Californian startup Saga Holographic has introduced a new system called HoloBike, which turns an ordinary exercise bike into an exciting racer using a holographic 3D display. In this respect reports New edition of Atlas.

Unlike traditional platforms that display virtual routes on flat screens, HoloBike offers an interactive 3D experience without the need for a VR headset or glasses.

HoloBike was developed by former Google employee Samuel Matson and includes an exercise bike with a 27-inch 4K LCD screen covered with micro lenses. This screen creates a 3D effect that changes perspective as the cyclist moves, simulating real forward motion. To enhance the effect, an infrared camera with a depth sensor is used to track the position of the body and correct the perspective of the image.

Unlike traditional CGI effects, HoloBike’s visuals are based on 3D volumetric scans of real roads and trails, providing a more realistic riding experience. Initially five or six routes up to 40 km long will be available, but their number will increase over time. The bike’s electromagnetic resistance is adjusted to simulate hill climbs and descents and responds to virtual gear shifts using buttons on the handlebars.

HoloBike is currently available on Kickstarter at a price of $2.6 thousand (about 238 thousand rubles at the exchange rate of May 25, 2024) with an estimated retail price of $ 3 thousand (about 275 thousand rubles).

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Source: Gazeta


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