Social networks are full of dangerous and funny answers from Google’s neural network 15:19

Users of the social network noticed the strange behavior of the Google neural network, which is designed to automatically respond to user search queries. Funny and life-threatening suggestions from artificial intelligence flooded social networks, he is writing portal.

In some cases, AI actually gives unconventional and dangerous advice. For example, in response to a question about why cheese wouldn’t stick to pizza, the AI ​​suggested using “non-toxic glue.” Apparently the neural network found an old ironic comment on a Reddit forum and found it appropriate. When asked “How many rocks should I eat every day?”, Google recommends eating at least one rock a day.

“You should eat at least one small pebble a day, according to geologists from the University of California at Berkeley. They say the stones are a vital source of minerals and vitamins important for a healthy digestive system,” writes AI. The neural network also added that experts recommend “eating a serving of pebbles, geodes, or pebbles with every meal.”

In some cases, Google’s neural network provides harmless but still unrealistic answers; for example, naming Barack Obama as the first US president to accept Islam. He is actually a Christian, but many people in the United States actually think otherwise.

However, Google states that the neural network operates in experimental mode and urges users to be careful.

Former Russian tech blogger criticized The AI ​​smartphone of the AI ​​Pin of the future.

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Source: Gazeta


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