ERA-GLONASS system will include drones and scooters 00:23

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation plans to expand the ERA-GLONASS emergency response system to drones and scooters. This is reported with reference to the relevant draft law. RBC.

As can be seen from the document, the Ministry of Transport plans to significantly expand the functionality of ERA-GLONASS. The system is expected to be used specifically to monitor the movements and status of drones, scooters and small ships. In addition, ERA-GLONASS will be used to receive information about an emergency situation by drone and provide emergency notification and to regulate the speed of movement of personal mobility equipment in pedestrian areas. The system will also participate in collecting and processing telemetric information generated by driver condition monitoring systems.

It was previously reported that he was in Russia. developing A bill that would regulate the movement of personal mobility devices (PIMs) and electric bicycles used by delivery service couriers.

Earlier, a scooter rider competed head-to-head at the bike parade in Moscow collided with a cyclist.

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Source: Gazeta


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