They explained why Microsoft opened access to updates for its products in Russia 14:03

Microsoft’s decision to open access to Windows and Office updates to Russian users is due to its reluctance to lose a large enough market for its products. This is about Pravda.Ru said Information security specialist at Cisco Systems Alexey Lukatsky.

“They removed the restriction on updating products, but not their purchases. “It is in the spirit of Microsoft, like other foreign IT companies, which do not want to trap their existing customers and lose a rather tasty piece of the global market,” the expert said.

According to him, changing decisions regarding the ability to download updates may frustrate users in Russia, who may subsequently lose trust in the company. Lukatsky thinks some will abandon Microsoft products and look for alternatives.

On May 13, the Izvestia newspaper cited the Russoft software developers association. WroteHe said that Microsoft has unlocked Windows and Office updates for Russian users. According to the president of the association, Valentin Makarov, the company is trying to find loopholes to stay in the Russian market, which is important for Microsoft.

Previously Microsoft’s wants to get a raise Subscription price for Xbox games.

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Source: Gazeta


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