Russians’ interest in TikTok has completely disappeared 20:35

The most popular Internet resources among Russians in the first quarter of 2024 continue to be Yandex services, Google products, YouTube, WhatsApp and VKontakte. At the same time, the once popular video service TikTok didn’t even crack the top 10. In this respect reports The Izvestia publication refers to Mediascope ratings.

However, the positions of some sources in the top 10 have changed. Thus, the sixth place occupied by Sberbank last year now belongs to the Telegram messenger, which rose from eighth place. Sberbank fell to seventh place, while Zen and took eighth and ninth place respectively.

TikTok, which ranked tenth in the rankings last year, completely left the list this year. It was replaced by the Wildberries market. At the same time, TikTok resumed work in Russia in May 2024, but in the evening of the same day, the social network again limited its work in the country.

Wildberries, on the contrary, is actively developing individual implementations of the company’s services. According to the marketplace representative, the digital products marketplace application was recently updated and a category was added that contains new products from sellers to which the user is subscribed. Sellers were given tools to promote their offerings.

Previous Google Chrome users in the name Update the application urgently.

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Source: Gazeta


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